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‍About Auribus

Auribus is a brand new boutique production music company that specialises in high-quality, hand-crafted music. Founded in 2021, Auribus boasts in-house composer talent and a fast-growing catalogue tailored to ads, independent creators and filmmakers.

The Challenge

When creating their web UI, the Auribus team’s goal was to put the music front and centre, with a clean, minimal design. That meant removing distracting elements such as track imagery.

A key requirement for Auribus was the ability to integrate Musiio’s standard tags with their existing metadata (including time signature, composer-defined moods and detailed instrumentation).

A key requirement for Auribus was the ability to integrate Musiio’s standard tags with their existing metadata (including time signature, composer-defined moods and detailed instrumentation).

The Solution Explained: Search API

The Auribus team uses Musiio’s Search API – and its exclusive custom mapping features – to execute their vision.

By incorporating the Musiio Search API, Auribus lets users perform audio reference searches – searching for tracks that sound like a reference track. Musiio Search can search millions of tracks in mere seconds. Our audio fingerprints contain 1,500 features and data points per track to source matches. Search API customers get access to all of Musiio’s standard tags, covering genre, BPM, mood, energy and more as standard. These can all be used to refine search results.

But what if a user wishes to filter search results using a tag that Auribus has, but Musiio doesn’t? For example, an instrument that Musiio’s AI does not recognise?

That’s where Custom Filters come in. Musiio’s Search API is the only audio reference search product in the market that lets clients add their own search filters using their existing metadata. For Auribus, these filters include decade, time signature and advanced instrumentation.

The result is a more comprehensive and nuanced search experience tailored to the client and customer’s needs.

To understand the specific implementation steps, please visit our documentation at

"Custom Filters for Musiio Search was a top client request, so we prioritised building it. And the feedback has been fantastic. We deliberately built Custom Filters so they can accept most numerical and text-based data variables, meaning Custom Filters are flexible enough for virtually any client's needs. We have clients using them to include geographical data, licensing data, song-split info and many more variables; technically, there is no limit. It makes AI search customisable and more impactful right at the coal face of music search. We were definitely the first AI music company to offer this feature, and we are still the market leader in this space."

Hazel Savage, Co-Founder/CEO of Musiio

"For Auribus, the user is the central character. Everything should revolve around them and their experience, no matter their musical background. Musiio’s Search API made that possible. We chose Musiio’s Search API because of the Custom Filters feature, which we didn’t see elsewhere in the market. Without this feature, building our search product would have been impossible. We love how simple it’s been to integrate."

Patricio Pomies, Co-founder & Creative Human at Auribus

"We wanted to offer an algorithm that incorporated customer metadata as the next logical evolution in AI-based search. It turned out to be a significant build. I personally spent about six months on this project to ensure all functionality was there and that full customisation was in the power of the developer using our Search API. We have also been upgrading as we go. For example, one customer wanted to drop full lyric files into a Custom Filter field to use NLP on lyrics, and we made that happen for them. It was also important to make sure Custom Filters didn’t affect the speed of search. Scale and performance, as always, are core to a Musiio product release."

Aron Pettersson, Co-Founder/CTO of Musiio

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