Our next guest on the Musiio by SoundCloud podcast is Charlot Henzen, Head of Sync at Domino Publishing and Recording Companies and synth pop artist (under charly haze). From signing her first label deal aged 15, to self-producing in recovery from a brain injury, Charlot has a unique creative perspective as an artist. But crucially, her 10+ years experience as a senior manager in synchronisation at independent record labels and publishers also gives her incredible commercial insight. 

Overall, Charlot understands what artists need to do to land their music in film, TV, and advertising. And this conversation has practical advice and guidance to help you do just that.

You’ll find out:

  • Why you should get legal advice for any publishing deal
  • Why gettings your songs on editorial playlists isn’t the be all and end all
  • How to consider sync in your songwriting process
  • How to land a sync as an artist
  • How to get on the radar of music supervisors
  • Why having a parallel industry job can benefit an artist
  • Why brand consistency is crucial between your songs and your music videos
  • Current trends in the sync industry


Listen to the whole episode above, or watch the full video interview on YouTube.

"Once you get to the point that you do approach [a music supervisor] . . . cut to the chase, give a couple of examples why your music would fit. . . It's so important that you mention all these buzzwords like genres or moods in your email, because a lot of [music] supervisors just use the search engine in their inbox. . . Make yourself searchable in the metadata.” - Charlot Henzen

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